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TAX Reform

Lower taxes and less regulation leads to greater innovation, a brighter future, and more money in your pockets. As such, Joshua Seedman is an advocate for a flat or fair tax and will work to implement such a value-unlocking tax code. Simply, this campaign supports President Trump’s tax cuts and is focused on continuing the tax reform, ensuring simplicity instead of complexity and value-unlocking versus value erosive code. It’s time for individuals to stop making decisions based on tax considerations and instead make decisions based on what’s best for their families, their business, and the overall economy. It’s time for the government to stop rewarding good economic behavior. This only transpires by replacing burdensome rules and special interest loopholes with a simple and fair tax. As such, Joshua will ensure a tax plan that drives economic growth for new families, small business owners, and large corporations alike.


In addition, Joshua will continue to ensure regulatory reform, allowing companies and business owners the landscape and rules they need to thrive. Indeed, Joshua believes deregulation is the gateway to continued innovation and business success, As such, he will tirelessly work to eliminate regulatory hurdles, giving each American more opportunities to advance the causes, dreams, family interests, and business goals they’re passionate about without the burdensome, complex regulations that thwart growth. Simply, this campaign will continue to perpetuate both a comprehensive tax and regulatory reform because it’s time for the American people to be rewarded instead of punished for good economic behavior.


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The “The American Dream” is the “birthright” of the American people. Government, big business, and regulation should never get in the way of letting “the people” fulfill their goals.