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As an entrepreneur and fellow business owner in Georgia’s 7th District Joshua Seedman is fully invested and incentivized to improve benefits for his fellow Georgia business owners. He believes and upholds the simple premise that the “The American Dream” is the “birthright” of each and every American person and that government, big business, and regulation should never get in the way of letting you “the people” fulfill their goals. Simply, small business owners form the backbone and future of our nation with family-owned businesses currently generating 64% of GDP, employing 60% of the US workforce, and creating 78% of new jobs. Despite this significant impact, regulation and tax burdens such as the “death tax” are quite literally the “death” of many family businesses across the nation. This campaign will repeal such burdensome regulation and value destructive tax code. Indeed, if we let the government, burdensome tax code, or complex regulation hurt small business owners we not only forfeit innovation but we also sacrifice our future. Under this campaign, Joshua Seedman will drive sustainable small business owner success and ensure the American Dream remains the birthright of every individual across America.


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ObamaCare is an attack on our Constitution – this campaign is focused on repealing ACA and ensuring a vibrant, sustainable healthcare system for all Americans.