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Continued strengthening of our national security for the age of global terror networks is not an option but rather table stakes for the future of America. This requires a strategic approach across our (1) military, (2) borders, and (3) international divides. First, our military is again the pride of the world and we will continue making it even stronger. The American people and their safety will always come first. Second, we must protect our borders while also ensuring a fair and equitable immigration policy. My great grandparents - on both my father and mother’s side - were immigrants. I take great pride that all my family were given the resources to succeed and the opportuntiy to live the American Dream but also realize that we must have a transparent and structured process to ensure our children and grandchildren are not put in harms way from criminals having easy access to our borders. Thirdly, we must continue putting America first while bridging divides between our nation and other countries that pose an imminent or future threat.

The primary duty of the federal government is to protect its citizens and this campaign will ensure legislative choices that reflect this goal. We’ll work on ensuring the federal government focuses its efforts on this vital area of national security while giving the states the power they need to make the best decisions for their people. Above all, the interests and safety of the American people must and will always come first. By prioritizing our national security we will ensure a future that is safer and brighter for our children and grandchildren than the one we enjoy today.


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Innovation, positive change, and tangible benefits for the people begin with quick, empowered decision-making at the state level - a concept that only transpires by having less, not more, federal government involvement.