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We must get the national debt under control while ensuring the economy keeps growing. Accordingly, this campaign is focused on (1) unlocking the full economic value of the state and entire nation, (2) improving the national debt, and (3) ensuring a district, state, and nation that is health, viable, and better for our children and grandchildren than the one we enjoy today. While the economy has been on a growth trajectory the national debt has been quickly escalating. We must never forget that growth and debt are not mutually exclusive but rather must be treated as equal and highly correlated counterparts. Simply, without being mindful of our debt we are quickly selling off America's future. This is not an either “or” proposition – it’s grow the economy “AND” improve the national debt – simple.

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If you’ve taken one look at the deficit or the national debt, you know that we need leaders who understand how to run a business now more than ever. Joshua Seedman is that leader. He’s an outcome based executive that gets results. He has deep experience as a turnaround and transformation business leader and executive, taking large global companies out of significant debt and transforming them into sustainable industry leaders. He plans to leverage this deep experience in leading our country out of its national debt crisis and ensuring a bright future for ourselves and our future generations. His transformation philosophy is simple - he ensures companies prioritize for “both” the short “and” long-term by learning from the past, minding the present, and preparing for the future because he believes success is acceptance of the “and” & rejection of the “or.” Indeed, he leads companies out of mediocrity and into best in class performance by prioritizing for both short “and” long-term results. Just as Joshua leads successful businesses to focus on both revenue “and” profit our country must also focus its efforts on debt “and” the economy. Both are highly correlated to our future viability as a nation.

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While Joshua believes you can’t cut and trim you way to top quartile performance he also realizes you can’t grow slower than your debt - otherwise you’ll simply go out of business that much more quickly. The same is true for our country. Simply, if our debt continues to outpace our economic growth we forfeit our future that much more quickly. Growth for the sake of growth is a time bomb. The same business principles Joshua Seedman holds dear in the business world hold true for our economy and national debt. He will ensure America never forfeits its future because great countries just as great leaders never accept the notion of either or – instead they always embrace the “and.” This campaign will fix our national debt “and” ensure our economy continues its growth trajectory, creating a vibrant present and future for America.

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Lower taxes and less regulation lead to greater innovation, a brighter future, and more money in your pocket. It’s time to keep your hard earned money, giving you more opportunities to advance the causes, dreams, family interests, and business goals you’re passionate about.