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Joshua Seedman has had the blessing of leading many large-scale, global transformations, allowing him to fine tune his leadership style across a vast array of different industries and cultures. To highlight, Joshua skipped high school and entered college as a young teenager, graduating as the youngest valedictorian in school history and allowing him the opportunity to begin fine tuning his leadership skillset from a very early age. To date, Joshua has over 15 years of global leadership experience across the Fortune 500, private equity, non-profits, and high growth startup landscapes. He is a published leadership author of “Leadership Redefined” - a book that discusses the best practices for successful leadership. It has been endorsed my countless F500 business executives and world leaders. In addition, he has held countless leadership roles, where he has led full-scale growth turnarounds and transformations, including holding CEO, COO, and Chief Transformation Officer roles. Read a sampling of Joshua’s leadership articles HERE.

Leadership   Redefined  Joshua Seedman Published Book

Leadership Redefined
Joshua Seedman Published Book

While Joshua believes there are many facets that go into successful leadership he has identified 30 best leadership practices that he uses when leading any size team - no matter the scope. He’s distilled these 30 best practices into three core areas which he practices daily, namely (1) inspire, (2) empowered collaboration, and (3) innovate. He has successfully leveraged this servant leadership style to lead best in class growth transformations and global turnarounds for some of the world’s greatest companies. He intends to leverage this deep experience in DC where he will focus on one thing - driving positive change and tangible benefits “for the people” of Georgia’s 7th district, the state, and the nation. His leadership style can best be summarized by the following (see below).

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#1: INspire via Values-Based Leadership

Joshua Inspires rather than commands action by appealing to people's hearts more than their mind. Above all, he does not care about being right but rather about doing the right thing and inspiring others around him to do the same

Joshua believes that one cannot command but rather inspire action by appealing to people's hearts more than their minds. To accomplish this goal, he prioritizes values-based leadership as he believes this is the foundation to any great leadership. Indeed, Joshua lives and breathes by the principle that he does not care about being right but rather about doing the right thing, even under the most trying circumstances. He leads others around him to do the same. Second, Joshua plans with the mind but always leads from the heart. Accordingly, Joshua’s leadership style is first and foremost one of “servant leadership.” He believes the more opportunities you have to lead the more you actually become a servant. Most think of leadership in a triangle shape - you start at the bottom of the pyramid and over time move your way up. Joshua’s belief is that the pyramid should be reversed. Simply, those who have the blessing to lead must take the bottom seat and elevate those at the bottom to the top. This can only transpire by advancing a vision and inspiring others around you with that vision, all of which begins with being a values-based leader and one that inspires rather than commands action.


#2: Empowered Collaboration

Joshua Creates Others Leaders Not Followers Because He believes that Together We Can Accomplish Anything as Long as We Don’t Care Who Gets the Credit

Joshua’s second leadership trait encompasses two words (1) empower and (2) collaborate. To begin, he believes leaders should never create followers but instead create other leaders. As such, he always empowers those around him, giving them the runway to meet their potential and become leaders in their own right.

Second, he advances the notion that only together can be drive change. As such, he leads by creating a collaborative culture that promotes the notion that together we can accomplish anything as long as we don't care who gets the credit. That’s the leadership he intends to use in DC to ensure results for the people.


#3. Innovate

Joshua believes the term "good enough" is used to justify mediocrity and inaction. As such, he leads others from good to great by showing them how to Transform themselves so they can disrupt versus being disrupted upon

Finally, Joshua believes that leadership begins and ends with driving positive change, innovation, and tangible benefits for the people - from the bottoms-up. He understands that volatility is the new normal and that to drive benefits for the people we must embrace change and failure, understanding that the term "good enough" is used to justify mediocrity and inaction. Simply, he believes we must all have a disdain for the status quo - if it’s good or not broken Joshua says “let’s go make it better.” As such, he leads those around him from good to great by ensuring they are disrupting themselves and their organizations before others do it for them by taking a “transformation always on” mindset. Simply, Joshua believes that without creating a runway for innovation and failure, one will never see a runway for success. Everyone has limitless potential and untapped ability to innovate - it’s simply up to the leader to unlock that level potential and that’s exactly what Joshua does with each team he leads - no matter the size or scope.

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