Campaign Issues Overview
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This campaign is about you – “the people” and is focused on driving both present and sustainable change “for the people” of Georgia and the nation. Specifically, Joshua Seedman’s 7th District Congressional campaign is focused on stopping the socialist movement from destroying America. To accomplish this Joshua is focused on 10 issues that directly impacts all of us across America each and every day. To begin, and as someone with deep business and legal experience, Joshua’s campaign is prioritizing the economy, national debt, taxes, regulation, and small business owners, ensuring a state and nation that is healthier and more viable for our children and grandchildren than the one we enjoy today. In addition, this campaign is dedicated to transforming key initiatives from healthcare to education. Simply, we’re going bring an outcome based, transformation mindset to DC, ensuring innovation, positive change, and tangible benefits “for the people.” Finally, we’re going ensure the values we as Georgians have held dear for so many years stay alive and well for generations to come (see issue details below).


Issues Overview


Unlock the full and vast economic potential of the state and nation for both present and long-term viability.

National Debt

Get spending under control, ensuring American’s future health and long-term viability is prioritized.

Taxes & Regulation

Continue the tax transformation, reduce tax complexity, drive less regulation, and limit government involvement.


Small Businesses

Ensure the American Dream always remains the birthright of each and every individual across America.


Fix and transform healthcare, ensuring a system that is sustainable and healthy for both America and all its citizens.

National Security

Modernize our security and ensure the American people’s safety is the number one priority of the federal government.


State Empowerment

Empower the states by reducing the federal government’s role and bringing decision-making power to Georgia.

Pro Israel

Strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship, ensuring we remain a loyal friend and protector of Israel and the Jewish people


Transform education, giving everyone the opportunity to be a changemaker and owner of the American Dream.


Georgia Values

Stay true to the foundational values our great nation was built on, including for the people, in God we trust, and equality.

Campaign Focus

Focused and committed to stopping the socialist movement from destroying America from the inside-out.

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