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The Bible makes it clear that God blesses those who stand with Israel. America must continue being the guardian, advocate, protector, and friend of Israel because in so doing we not only protect their future but ours as well. Joshua Seedman and his campaign believes and will tirelessly work to enforce the following:

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  1. THE FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN ISRAEL & AMERICA IS VITAL: This campaign will do everything in its power to strengthen, protect and promote the U.S.-Israel relationship because in so doing we not only enhance the security of Israel but also the security of the United States.

  2. CONTINUE FOREIGN AID TO ISRAEL: We must continue our funding to Israel as they are America’s strongest ally and their presence in the Middle East must be protected.

  3. OPPOSE IRAN DEAL: Iran is a threat not only to Israel but also to America. As such, this campaign highly supports President Trump’s position to exit the Iran deal and we oppose any renegotiation on this topic.

  4. GOLAN HEIGHTS BELONG TO ISRAEL: The Golan Heights belong to Israel and are essential to its safety from terrorist groups like Hezbollah and hostile enemy countries such as Iran. We will continue advocating and negotiating for peace but never at the sacrifice of Israel and the Jewish people’s safety or land that is their rightful birthright.

  5. OPPOSE BDS LEGISLATION: This campaign is fully against the BDS movement as we believe it is a vehicle for spreading anti-Semitism which must never be tolerated or condoned. As such, Joshua Seedman fully supports anti BDS legislation.

  6. JERUSALEM IS THE CAPITAL OF ISRAEL: The holy city of Jerusalem is the rightful and legitimate capital of Israel. Joshua Seedman highly supports the current administration’s courageous stance on declaring this truth and advancing this cause.

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Joshua Seedman composed and performed this song in loving memory of the Holocaust victims and survivors. The heart of the message highlights that we as America must never forget to uphold Israel, ensuring the trials and tribulations the Jewish people have endured never repeats itself. Those who gave the ultimate sacrifice will never be forgotten – indeed, their strength continues to resonate across history. During these turbulent times where existential threats come against Israel from many directions this song will hopefully serve as a reminder that America must always be a friend, advocate, and guardian of Israel and God’s chosen people – the Apple of His eye (Psalm 122:6, Isaiah 65:19, Jeremiah 29:7). As the Psalmist says, “He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep” (Psalm 121:4). This campaign will work diligently with the administration ensuring we as America never sleep on Israel. Indeed, we will tirelessly work to do our part in protecting and maintaining a friendship with Israel that never falters. In so doing we not only protect their future but ours as well.


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