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Healthcare reform is not an option but rather a necessity. We must fix healthcare, ensuring a vibrant, sustainable healthcare system for all Americans. Simply, while Joshua Seedman believes healthcare is a right - not a privilege he also believes ObamaCare is an attack on our Constitution. This campaign is focused on repealing ACA and ensuring a vibrant, sustainable healthcare system for all Americans. As such, Joshua will work tirelessly to drive a viable transformation, ensuring a sustainable and beneficial healthcare system that all in this country will be proud of. Unfortunately, the current system is deeply broken and in its current state is equivalent to playing Russian Roulette with the lives of each and every American. However, a solution of “Medicare for All” is not an option because it would cost $32.6 trillion, usher in poor quality services, ensure limited availability of needed care, and drive minimal healthcare innovation. As such, this campaign is focused on fixing healthcare via focusing on the following seven core areas, specifically we’re going to:

Cost of “Medicare for All”
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  1. LOWER COSTS: The current cost of coverage is rising with the quality of available services oftentimes lacking. We will lower costs and work to correct the forces that often dictate unfair market prices. Simply, this campaign will work tireless to fix healthcare by leading a full-scale transformation. In the process we will: (1) ensure the best coverage at the best prices, (2) leave more money in your pockets and (3) create a system that ensures a long, healthy life for you and your loved ones.

  2. IMPROVE THE PATIENCE EXPERIENCE: We will create a winning patient experience, ensuring experiences are prioritized over self-interests of providers. The patient experiences begins at the moment you start looking for the right insurance. We will ensure the entire journey, from point of sale to actual doctor visit or procedure, is focused on creating a winning patient experience that rivals the best customer service providers in the world.

  3. CREATE AN OUTCOME-BASED MODEL: This campaign will focus on mitigating the self-interests and cost-cutting priorities of the insurance companies by implementing an outcome-based model. This will ensure the right incentives - incentives that are focused on one thing - the health of the American people.

  4. EXPAND COVERAGE & KEEP PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE: This campaign will ensure more comprehensive coverage for every insured individual while keeping private insurance as a very viable option.

  5. COVER PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: We will work to cover those with pre-existing conditions, meaning no American will be without winning healthcare coverage. In tandem, we will ensure such a plan does not drive up the cost of every other American’s insurance plan.

  6. ELIMINATE UNCERTAINTY: Joshua Seedman believes uncertainty drives higher prices. Indeed, the current healthcare system has created volatility and uncertainty that hurts rather than benefits the American people. This campaign will ensure this uncertainty and volatility is transformed to simplicity and benefits for the people.

  7. FIX ENTITLEMENTS FROM MEDICARE TO SOCIAL SECURITY: This campaign will work to fix the three biggest entitlement programs in our nation, ensuring national viability from improved debt and sustainable benefits for generations to come.

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While these seven goals may seem daunting for most, as a healthcare entrepreneur and someone who with deep business and legal experience across the healthcare landscape, Joshua Seedman is confident we can accomplish these goals in a timely and efficient manner. Simply, Joshua is focused on fixing healthcare, ensuring a bright and healthy future for everyone across America. A winning healthcare system should not be a “nice to have” option but rather must and will be the foundational core necessity of each and every United States citizen.


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