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America was built on three simple yet vital premises: (1) for the people, (2) in God we trust, and (3) all people are created equal. Our future is predicated on keeping these three truths alive, ensuring family, faith, equality, and values guide our decision-making. As we build a great future for Georgia and America we'll never forget these foundational elements that still form the backbone of our country. Georgia has and will remain a state of preeminence within the United States by ensuring we never forget our past values as we forge an exciting new future. Simply, Joshua Seedman believes that without family we have no foundation, without equality we have no voice, without values we have no future, without vision we walk blindly, and without God we lose our soul. This campaign will work tirelessly to keep America #1 and our future bright by holding true to our country’s DNA of family, equality, values, and God.


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Explore additional issues, learning how our campaign plans to drive tangible benefits and sustainable change for the people of Georgia and the nation. We’re creating a movement that will have a positive ripple effect across the nation - learn about we intend to get there.

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