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What Issues Comprise Your Campaign’s Platform?

Campaign Issues
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This campaign is about you – “the people” and is focused on driving both present and sustainable change across Georgia and the nation. Specifically, this campaign is focused on 10 core issues that directly impacts all of us across America each and every day (See Campaign Issues Exhibit or Click HERE). First, and as someone with deep business and legal experience, our campaign is prioritizing the economy, national debt, taxes, regulation, and small business owners, ensuring a state and nation that is healthier and more viable for our children and grandchildren than the one we enjoy today. In addition, this campaign is dedicated to transforming key initiatives from healthcare to education. Simply, we’re going bring an outcome based, transformation mindset to DC, ensuring innovation, positive change, and tangible benefits “for the people.” Finally, we’re going ensure the values we as Georgians have held dear for so many years stay alive and well for generations to come. Click HERE to read about each issue and how I intend to drive tangible benefits and positive change across the nation.


Are you running as a Republican or a Democrat?

I’m running as a Republican looking to do one thing - drive sustainable, positive change and benefits for the people of the 7th district, state of Georgia, and nation.


Why are you running for Congress?

My entire career has been predicated on one word: leadership. Part of being a successful leader is recognizing when the status-quo isn’t working longer and finding new ways to yield better and more innovative solutions. When you look at the leadership we’re seeing from Democrats in Washington - it is clear they have no interest in bucking the status-quo.

The core of why I am running for Congress is to give the taxpayers of Georgia’s 7th Congressional District the leadership they deserve. The Representative who replaces Congressman Woodall must not be afraid to stand up to the entrenched partisan interests on both sides of the aisle to move our nation forward. My campaign is simple - we’re going to drive positive change and tangible benefits “for the people” - simple. There are no special interests and no hidden agendas. I’m confident I’m the best candidate to get the job done, ensuring “the people” across the 7th district and beyond experience first hand the tangible, sustainable benefits they and their families rightly deserve.


What makes you different from the other candidates in the primary?

This isn’t the next rung on the ladder for me. I am not a career politician, and I am not a political opportunist. I’m a true outsider and am in this race because I know I am uniquely positioned to help guide Georgia's 7th Congressional district to even greater prosperity than we have now. Additionally, what makes me different is my unmatched business experience and my proven leadership. I’ve made a career out of leading global transformations, solving problems, and making businesses more profitable. If you’ve taken one look at the deficit or the national debt, you know that we need leaders who understand how to run a business now more than ever. Simply, I’m an outcome based executive that gets results - I’ll take that experience directly to DC to drive positive change and tangible benefits for the people of Georgia.


Why are you the strongest candidate & able to beat the Democratic party?

Keeping Georgia’s 7th District seat red is pivotal in flipping the House and sending a strong message that Georgia still belongs to the Republican Party. There are many different reasons I’m uniquely position to ensure this strong win against against an energized Democratic party, including:

(1) The Only True Outsider | Transformation Business Executive and Lawyer: I’m the only true outsider in this race and will using this to flip the House and energize the Republican party. As a business transformation executive, former McKinsey consultant, and corporate lawyer I understand how to successfully navigate corporate and legal complexity to ensure we as Republicans keep our voice alive and well for both the short and long-term.

(2) Georgia Business Owner: I'm a invested business owner here in Georgia’s 7th District. I understand what my fellow Georgia residents are facing and will leverage my years of deep business experience to unlock the full economic potential of the state, being a strong advocate for them on the Financial Services and Small Business committee. Simply, I will all business owners here in Georgia are given the resources they need to succeed while ensuring the American Dream remains the birthright of every Georgian.

(3) A Millenial: At 38 years of age, I plan on bringing a new energy to the Republican party by engaging Gen Z, Millennials, and Baby Boomers. The Democrats did a good job of engaging younger candidates with young voters and we lost the House. If we don’t change this trajectory the future of the Republican Party is in jeopardy. I’m the only candidate that can appeal to the diverse demographic of this district (Gen Z on up).

(4) Differentiated Candidate: I have a diverse skillset and deep leadership experience that are highly relevant to successfully representing the people of Georgia’s 7th District. Highlights include, (1) serial entrepreneur, (2) transformation business executive, (3) former McKinsey consultant, (4) corporate lawyer, and (5) JD-MBA (cum laude) from Northwestern University School of Law and Kellogg School of Management (Read More HERE). A few additional fun facts include: (1) skipped high school and entered college as a young teenaged, graduating as the youngest valedictorian in school history, (2) published leadership book author (See HERE), (3) former classical concert pianist and composer (See HERE), and (4) competitive athlete and certified Olympic weightlifting competitor and coach. I plan to leverage this entire skillset to appeal to the broad array of demographics in Georgia’s 7th district and beyond, ensuring the voice of the Republican Party stays alive and well for years to come. Read more HERE.

(5) Prolific Fundraiser | National Fundraising Campaign: We have built a fantastic national fundraising team and are approaching this race as a national campaign. As such, our best in class team are engaging all states, ensuring we have very deep pockets to go head-to-head with an energized Democratic party to secure a decisive win. Flipping the House begins here in the 7th District and our campaign is the best suited to send a strong message to the Democratic party that the Republican party is alive and well here in Georgia and beyond! Indeed, Georgia belongs to the Republican Party and this campaign will ensure we keep it red!


How Can I Get Involved?

There are several ways for you to help and get involved in our “for the people” campaign, specifically you can (1) donate, (2) volunteer, (3) host a fundraiser, and/or (4) subscribe. See below for additional details on each option.



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