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Innovation, positive change, and tangible benefits for the people begin with quick, empowered decision-making from those who are living it day in and day out - a concept that only transpires by having less federal government and more state involvement. Volatility is the new normal where winners are not those with size but rather those with speed. Unfortunately, the level of bureaucracy across the federal government often holds back growth, innovation, and positive change for the people. The federal government is integral to our future but that doesn’t mean it has all the answers. It has its role just as the states have their role to play.

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Joshua Seedman believes Washington should focus on quality over quantity, limiting their decision-making and involvement to the most important challenges, ensuring those decisions are made quickly and correctly. The remainder of the policy decision-making should transpire at the state and local level. Otherwise, complexity, levels of bureaucracy, and special interests will continue holding back growth for the people. For example, oftentimes much of the money state and local taxpayers send to the federal government comes back to the state with strings and costs attached from special interest groups. This slows and impedes meaningful change. Instead, this campaign is focused on creating an outcome based state model where states are empowered to act in the interests of their people without the complexity of the federal government. As such, they will be incentivized to act quickly and in the best interests of the people. Simply, Joshua Seedman believes we need less federal government and instead need to empower the state and local level to make quick and quality decisions for the people because winners are not those with size but rather those with speed. It’s time for the slow, burdensome, entrenched decision-making we currently experience to be replaced with an agile, innovative, and value unlocking methodology. Indeed, it’s time for less federal government.


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The Bible makes it clear that God blesses those who stand with Israel. America must continue being the guardian, advocate, protector, and friend of Israel because in so doing we not only protect their future but ours as well.