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Joshua Seedman believes that “everyone is a changemaker.” To that note, there is perhaps no greater investment into that premise and into our future than that of education. Simply, education is the pathway to unlocking this bright future where everyone can be been equipped to be a changemaker. Our job is to ensure the right resources, opportunities, and level playing field so that each American can fulfill their potential. Accordingly, this campaign will work on advancing a handful of key initiatives across education transformation, specifically:

Additional Campaign Issues

1. FIX STUDENT DEBT: Student debt is out of control. Nationwide, federal student aid is on an unsustainable path with student loan debt now exceeding credit card debt. Compounding this problem is that opportunities to further one’s future are becoming not only more competitive but also prohibitively more costly. Joshua Seedman knows firsthand the problem of student debt because he is still paying off his student loans from business and law school. He believes we can fix student debt by ensuring the universities are properly incentivized to ensure their students acquire great career opportunities, helping them have the job, resources, and runway to expediently pay off their debt. Currently, the university and student interests are misaligned - this campaign will work to correct this problem.

2. CREATE SCHOOL CHOICE: Parents and students should be allowed to choose the best school, no matter their social status. As such, the government should implement school vouchers and improve charter schools. Both initiatives will promote free market competition among private and public schools, ensuring choice, improved education, and a changemaker runway.

3. INVEST IN THE CLASSROOM: This campaign is focused on investing directly into the classroom, ensuring everyone is equipped from an early age to succeed and be both a changemaker and innovator.

4. DRIVE EQUALITY: It’s time to create best in class educational opportunities for everyone from the bottoms-up. Simply, we must create true equality across the education system, unlocking resources for all and ensuring the notion that “everyone is a changemaker” is lived and breathed across the nation. Inequality of any kind should and will never be tolerated.

5. ENSURE PARENT CONTROL: The federal government should not decide how to educate our children. That control should belong to the parents. Simply, we must get federal government out of education.

6. CREATE A CHANGEMAKER RUNWAY: Every child has unlimited potential. It’s up to our education system to ensure each child can meet that potential and become a changemaker. Children don’t fail us - the education system fails them. This campaign will ensure a runway where luck or circumstances no longer dictates a child’s success.


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