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A strong, healthy America begins and ends with a strong, healthy economy. Joshua Seedman has unmatched business experience and proven leadership. He’s made a career out of leading global transformations, solving problems, and making businesses more profitable - a skillset he intends to leverage in DC to ensure a continued thriving economy that will create tangible economic benefits for the people. To highlight, as a business leader and transformation executive, Joshua has helped countless organizations across the Fortune 500, non-profit, private equity, and small business landscapes transform and grow, ensuring both short and long-term viability. He plans to take that same expertise, leveraging his vast business leadership skillset to drive change for you, the people. He believes that a strong, healthy, viable economy is the gateway to a strong, healthy, viable American future. He will use his deep experience to create that future for you, your children, and grandchildren. Let him start going to work for you and he’ll ensure you see winning results and more money in your pockets. Read more about Joshua below.

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Growth and debt are not mutually exclusive but must be treated as as equal counterparts. Without being mindful of our debt we are quickly selling off America's future.