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Campaign Focus | Stop Socialism
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The Cost of the Green New Deal
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Joshua Seedman is deeply focused and committed to stopping socialism from destroying America. He will also fully leverage his deep business experience to stop the Green New Deal which would damage the economy more than benefit the environment. The far left liberal agenda is real and should not be underestimated. If advanced, the socialist movement will cost every American $200,000 over 10 years, equating to a staggering $66.1 trillion. In addition, many households could lose at least $70,000 in the first year of the Green New Deal alone. These costs continue to amplify over a 10 year period with total losses ballooning to at least $435,000 per household. Indeed, studies show that the Green New Deal would cost each American household $60,000 per year in perpetuity and The Club for Growth puts the total cost of the Green New Deal at a staggering $93 trillion. And, this is only one issue of the many value destructive priorities across the socialist agenda.

Simply, the socialist movement, starting with the Green New Deal, would destroy America’s households, wreak havoc on our economy, create a culture of status quo citizens instead of innovators, and would transition America from a leader to a follower. Indeed, this would destroy America from the inside-out. Joshua Seedman will NOT let this happen. America was founded as a great Democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people. Joshua will not let it be destroyed by the liberal left and their socialist, value-destructive principles. Instead, Joshua will stop socialism and in the process ensure each American keeps an extra $200,000 in their pockets - money that the socialist movement would have gladly taken. This is your money and we will not let the left extremists take it from you. America’s economy and democracy is the best in the world - Joshua Seedman plans to keep it that way - simple! Let’s keep America great and our future bright by stopping the socialist movement!

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